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VBHC in Netherlands: Success Factors

2021 19 Mar

A team of researchers from the Netherlands expand on their previous findings on issues accompanying the VBHC implementation, looking deeper into the success factors that help bring the VBHC concept to practice. Key Points Reported success factors for VBHC implementation are: ‘Value’ for the patient as the core purpose of care A... Read more

Building a Blueprint to Implement VBHC at Operational Level

2020 12 Nov

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is one the largest hospitals in Spain and one of the most prominent examples of a value-based healthcare institution in Europe. An expert behind the hospital’s VBHC transformation shares the ongoing experience of assessing and redesigning the care cycle based on the VBHC model and outlines the main challenges and... Read more

Is Patient Really Empowered in Medical Industrial Complex?

2020 12 Nov

A veteran patient advocate questions some of the hyped patient-engagement concepts and the reality of their practical applications within the ‘medical industrial complex’, and offers some strategies to change ‘the way we work’. Key Points In the medical industrial complex, stakeholders are distracted from the essence, i.e. the... Read more

Future of Patient Safety: What We’ve Learned from the Pandemic

2020 28 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented level of public scrutiny of patient care, and developing highly reliable systems is no longer going to be optional for organisations in the future. Healthcare leaders are now challenged to implement new cultures focussed on sustaining safe, person-centred care for both patients and health... Read more

COVID-19 Challenges of IT Team

2020 03 Aug

After a state of emergency was declared in Spain in mid-March, an IT team in a leading hospital had to develop a number of systems, upgrade the infrastructure and provide training, to ensure that the delivery of care continues smoothly. Two experts who led this massive effort share their experience and outline the new areas for work, which the pandemic... Read more

Going from a Culture of Blame and Denial to a Culture of Safety

2020 09 Mar

Summary: Many healthcare organisations face difficulties while managing transition from a culture of blame and denial to a culture of safety. To succeed, leaders should identify obstacles, create an environment of trust and set an example with their own actions. Healthcare holds traditions in high esteem. The white coat and nursing pin ceremonies... Read more

Healthcare Design With a Long-Term View

2020 29 Jan

In the process of ‘reimagining a hospital,’ one cannot overestimate the importance of architecture and design. asked a prominent figure in healthcare design, Christopher Shaw, Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Chair of Architects for Health and founder of healthcare planning and architects practice Medical... Read more