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2016 30 Nov

Eric Hoste is Professor in Medicine and Head of Clinic at Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. Prof. Hoste’s primary clinical area of interest is clinical critical care nephrology, and he has published more than 190 original papers, review articles and book chapters primarily within this field. He is a Senior Clinical Investigator, Research Foundation-Flanders...Read more

ICU Management


2017 22 Nov

Achieving large-scale behaviour change with the NHS Wales programme In 2016 NHS Wales received the Global Sepsis Award, recognising the work throughout the healthcare system on improving identification and treatment of sepsis, which has coincided with an apparent reduction in mortality and ICU admissions for patients with two International...Read more

ICU Management


2018 17 Oct

Among patients with septic shock who had severe acute kidney injury (AKI), there was no significant difference in overall mortality at 90 days between patients who were assigned to an early strategy for the initiation of renal-replacement therapy and those who were assigned to a delayed strategy, according to a randomised controlled trial published...Read more

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2019 23 Aug

It has recently been reported that the co-Founder of London-based Google AI Lab, Mustafa Suleyman will be taking a leave of absence amid controversy surrounding the company.   Mr Suleyman has led the healthcare initiatives at DeepMind and has generally been known as the public face of the company since it was founded in 2010 alongside co-Founder ...Read more