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Executive Health Management

2024 19 Apr

  A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research discusses the potential of telenursing to address labour shortages in nursing by leveraging telemedicine technologies, particularly in acute care settings. Despite the growth of telemedicine, little attention has been given to applying it in acute care or supporting nurses....Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 02 Oct

With the onset of the COVID-19 contagion, admissions to U.S. hospitals plummeted partly due to curtailment of elective surgery and other medical services deemed non-critical. However, "puzzling declines" were also reported regarding admissions for acute medical conditions such as stroke and heart attack.   You might also like: Self-Confinement Help...Read more

ICU Management

2019 26 Sep

Human factors are significant contributors to drug error. To overcome some of these human factors, we propose standardisation and consolidation of agreed drugs and equipment into a compact pre-packed critical care drug pouch (CCP) for use in non-theatre environments. Introduction   Emergency and sedation drugs availability and preparation...Read more