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ICU Management

COVID-19: Overview of Nurse Assessment

2020 19 May

Managing COVID-19 patients in south of Switzerland with lung ultrasound for the evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 infection. E verything started at the beginning of March 2020. In one week, we went from eight to forty-five beds due to COVID-19 patients. The pandemic virus in place has been scientifically called SARS-CoV-2: • SARS stands... Read more

ICU Management

Is COVID-19 Pneumonia ARDS or Not?

2020 18 Apr

COVID-19 pneumonia meets the ARDS Berlin definition. However, it is a specific disease with peculiar phenotypes. The primary characteristic is the dissociation between the severity of the hypoxaemia and the maintenance of respiratory mechanics. Patients with respiratory compliance that is lower or higher than the median value experience severe hypoxaemia. ... Read more