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IMAGING Management

The British Institute of Radiology welcomes Global CMO as Board Member

2022 17 Nov

Comprising of 12 trustees,  The British Institute of Radiology  Board is the governing body of the institute, meeting every quarter to engage in local governance and direct in how the organisation is managed. The trustees are selected from the Imaging and Oncology community to add experience and valuable insights to the group. In October 2022,... Read more

IMAGING Management

AI at ECR 2022: Augmented Radiology, Powered by AI

2022 13 Jun

It will come as no surprise that AI will be in the spotlight at the upcoming  ECR 2022 . The clinical community will be expecting to see tangible progress and we are delighted and proud to be bringing just that. For Agfa HealthCare AI is no longer a concept. In fact,   RUBEE for AI  embeds AI packages seamlessly in clinical workflows for true... Read more