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First-In-Human: Photon Counting in Coronary CT Angiography

2022 21 Feb

A recent study led by French researchers examined the benefits of combining a photon counting CT system (PCCT) with coronary CT angiography in diagnosing coronary heart disease. The U.S. FDA approved the first photon counting CT for clinical use back in September 2021. Photon counting CT represents a technological leap beyond previous generation... Read more

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US FDA Approves World’s First Photon-Counting CT System

2021 06 Oct

On September 30, the US FDA approved the Siemens Naeotom Alpha, the world’s first photon-counting computed tomography (CT) scanner through the 510(k) premarket clearance pathway. 510(k) clearance establishes that a medical device is equivalent to a legally marketed predicate device. FDA and CT experts consider this a revolutionary shift in CT scanner... Read more

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The Importance of Meaningful Innovation in Healthcare

2019 02 Oct

Driving Toward the Goals of the Quadruple Aim Innovation comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can spur positive change or can extend beyond “change” to “disruption” of an industry. It can be a metamorphosis, or simply an alteration to an existing process. It can be designed to make jobs easier, achieve better results, or increase connectivity.... Read more