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Executive Health Management

2024 24 Apr

  Healthcare value analysis (HVA) is a vital speciality in response to the evolving healthcare landscape, aiming to balance quality patient care with cost efficiency. It involves a systematic evaluation of clinical products, services, and technologies in healthcare institutions. The goal is to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction,...Read more

Executive Health Management

2021 21 Jun

Workforce shortages are an issue faced by many hospital leaders. Implementing four basic child care policies in your institution, could be a game-changer when it comes to retaining workers - especially women, according to a recent article published in  Harvard Business Review (HBR). During the pandemic, women have been disproportionately...Read more

IMAGING Management

2020 06 Jan

Imaging "callbacks" refer to instances when patients are asked to undergo a repeat or additional radiologic examination. While such callbacks may be uncommon, these are inconvenient for patients and can erode their trust in radiologists, according to researchers with the Department of Radiology at Michigan Medicine. You might also like: Malpractice:...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 22 Sep

Today’s clinical laboratory faces increased patient volumes, a rise in chronic illnesses and more educated patients demanding real-time information — all leading to rising costs. As a result, laboratories are often an easy target for budget cuts because decision makers are focused more on cost instead of total value. Solutions, such as headcount...Read more

Health Management

2017 16 Feb

Healthcare service providers face significant challenges in attracting patients and retaining qualified staff. The most obvious way to outshine one’s competitors is to offer superior clinical capabilities, but such innovations can seem prohibitively expensive. Read about seven strategies that hospital systems can employ to advance their clinical capabilities,...Read more