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IMAGING Management


2017 25 Jul

Technological advancements and the ever-increasing use of computed tomography (CT) have greatly increased the detection of incidental findings, including tiny pulmonary nodules. The management of many "incidentalomas" is significantly influenced by a patient’s history of cancer. However, new research shows a significant number of CT requisitions do...Read more

Executive Health Management


2019 02 Oct

Driving Toward the Goals of the Quadruple Aim Innovation comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can spur positive change or can extend beyond “change” to “disruption” of an industry. It can be a metamorphosis, or simply an alteration to an existing process. It can be designed to make jobs easier, achieve better results, or increase connectivity....Read more

IMAGING Management


2023 24 Feb

A team at Wayne State University-affiliated Trinity Health Oakland Hospital have designed a new programme that tracks incidental findings on body CT.   This new programme, known as The Radiology Finding Incidental Disease (FIND) Program has led to significantly boosted rates of clinician follow-up, as well as increased patient adherence to recommendations for...Read more