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IT Management

AI in Healthcare: Expert Opinion

2020 27 Nov

On 24 November, leading experts including Jorge Juan Fernández (EIT Health), John Halamka (Mayo Clinic) and medical futurist Bertalan Meskó discussed the opportunities and challenges of AI in healthcare.   You might also like: Let’s Talk About High-Value Care   The session Implementing AI in Healthcare: Success Beyond... Read more

Executive Health Management

Innovation and Inspiration for Healthcare

2019 02 Oct

Summary: The EAHM Innovation Award 2019 honoured posters for four healthcare projects that are challenging the status quo and innovating in logistics, healing and tech leverage around Europe. Read on for the run down on the winning initiatives. Logistics, Innovation and Technology The challenge for the EOC group was multi-faceted; operating... Read more

Executive Health Management

Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit

2018 07 May

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IT Management

COCIR Digital Health Summit 2017

2017 06 Dec

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2017 20 Nov

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ICU Management

Enabling machine learning in critical care

2017 15 Sep

Critical care units are home to some of the most sophisticated patient technology within hospitals. In parallel, the field of machine learning is advancing rapidly and increasingly touching our lives. To facilitate the adoption of machine learning approaches in critical care, we must become better at sharing and integrating data. Greater emphasis on... Read more

IT Management

Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum 2016

2016 24 Oct

From Big Data to Smarter Care Translate data into real dollars and make a measurable impact on clinical care. Through healthcare-focused insights, successes and lessons learned, discover the most effective paths forward to conquer the transition to value-based care. Read more