Success story

The modern industrial and commercial operations need reliable tools that guarantee a smooth production process. . Products that guarantee comfort and safety of employees at work, it is as indispensable as such for the sanitary area ZVG, established in the market for disposable protective clothing and pulp products for four decades, holding these funds ready: the convenient and comprehensive protective clothing program  zetDress®  with self-assembled overalls and jackets. It is a customized solution for various applications.  ZetForm®  and  zetRoll®  towel systems,  zetPutz®  cloths in various qualities,  zetClean®  cleaning products and  zetMedica®  pulp products for the hygiene sector.

The concept of ZVG

The concept of ZVG is to provide the user with all the support, what is the requirements of efficiency, quality and user benefits justice.All ZVG products are developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers at home and abroad. Quality and usefulness of these products is carefully tested in advance before they find inclusion in the ZVG product program. In addition to the economy, the progressiveness of ZVG products is also reinforced in their environmental performance. A development which we will give wide space in the future. Supplying different industries with practical products to solve individual problems was and is a major challenge which has brought with it experiences.