Company Profile About us The ZTG GmbH (Competence Centre for Healthcare Telematics) is an independently operating Competence Centre for Healthcare Telematics. Corporate members of this in Germany unique Public Private Partnership are leading service providers in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as well as directing members in Healthcare. The neutral positioning of ZTG GmbH at the junction of government, industry, self-governance, and science, allows interoperable solutions to implement integrated care. ZTG’s goal is to develop and disseminate future oriented information and communication technologies for the healthcare sector, in order to improve the quality of healthcare at affordable cost. Additionally, ZTG GmbH enables Knowledge Transfer, and thereby affects sustainable improvement of the general framework. For the practical implementation of their own goals and those of their clients within the public and private sector, healthcare, and the industry, ZTG GmbH offers a broad range of services.