Company Profile ZONARE | WE LIVE TO MAKE ULTRASOUNT BETTER ZONE SONOGRAPHY™ TECHNOLOGY ZONARE is showcasing the company’s new Z.One PRO ultrasound system as well as a major upgrade for its premium ZS3 system at Medica in 2014. All of ZONARE’s systems are based on proprietary ZONE Sonography™ Technology (ZST). Unlike conventional beamformer units’ line-by-line imaging, ZST creates images out of a dataset that is gathered very rapidly in zones, about 10 times faster than beamformer systems. The amount of transmit and receive cycles can be drastically reduced which results in a reduction of emitted sound energy. There is no need for oversampling as with conventional systems, since transmit and receive are decoupled. Most important is that through this method every pixel in the image is in focus, on transmit and on receive. The result is a completely uniform image. No manual focus operation is required which omits the potential of misdiagnosis by the operator misplacing the focal zone manually. Z.ONE PRO ULTRASOUND SYSTEM The new Z.One PRO system offers a powerful and affordable high performance unit with a durable, small system footprint. The system provides an intuitive user interface which features one-touch easy optimization for patient specific imaging. There are customizable configurations enabling imaging from top to bottom which are clearly in focus. Unique retrospective capabilities make difficult studies far easier. Quick boot-up time, wireless capabilities and an optional long life battery pack make the Z.One PRO ideal for mobile exams. It also offers a wide variety of transducers covering numerous applications. ZS3 ULTRASOUND SYSTEM With ZST architecture, the ZS3 upgrade is part of ZONARE’s Living Technology providing significant new image, clinical, workflow and transducer enhancements. Image enhancements include Spatial Compounding for Curved Array probes; Linear, Phased and Curved Phased Vector format; Improved Sensitivity – Spatial and Temporal Resolution and improved color Doppler fine angle steer capability. Clinical enhancements are seen in new Tissue Velocity Imaging and Velocity Variance Mapping in cardiology. Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) will provide CEUS flash and mixed transparency display; asymmetric persistence, BRACCO VueBox compatibility and adaptive noise suppression. Workflow enhancements offer multi-mode and multi-transition for cine buffer rotation with retrospective processing capabilities; a cine buffer that is 10 times longer and transition times which are 10 times faster. Transducers additions will include increased C4-1 penetration to 40 cm. In addition, the C9-3sp intra-operative, curved array transducer (works-in-progress, pending regulatory approval) will also be introduced during Medica. As the newest addition to the ZONARE family of transducers, the outstanding resolution and tissue detail of the C9-3sp is enabled by ZST. It is light weight with a highly ergonomic design, offering multiple frequencies and extremely sensitive color and PW Doppler resulting in excellent clinical performance. LIVING TECHNOLOGY We deliver ultrasound excellence through an innovative and dynamic open architecture that allows our customers to efficiently and economically meet evolving clinical needs through easily upgradeable performance enhancements. The exceptional image quality you experience on the ZONARE platforms purchased today will continue to evolve – the platforms will deliver better and better image quality as we push the boundaries of ultrasound. At ZONARE, we are solely focused on making ultrasound better. Our Living Technology is enabled by ZONE Sonography Technology which allows us to provide this evolution protecting your high-value investment while delivering solutions that will grow with you into the future.