About Us YTY Group is a global leader in hand protection solutions. With three facilities in North Malaysia employing over 3,000 people, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic disposable gloves. YTY Group distinguishes itself from its peer group through its technology leadership in thin-weight Nitriles. We currently offer Medical-grade weights as low as 2.9g. Our quality profile and consistency in-manufacturing standards lead within the industry, as evidenced by our Six Sigma metrics. In the last twelve months, we have had a 100% acceptance rate of our products by our customers. Our ontime shipment rates are in excess of 98%. We are renowned for our customer service and organizational nimbleness. We routinely collaborate with clients to develop pioneering hand-protection solutions through the intelligent application of technology, process and product innovation. We have won numerous “Supplier of the Year” awards from our customers, when benchmarked against our global peers. Our gloves come in numerous weights, lengths, textures and finishes, and have the option to include next-generation advancements such as Accelerator-Free and Sweat-Reduction properties. Whatever your hand-protection requirements are, YTY Group has a solution for you. Come talk to us, and see what world class service is all about. www.ytygroup.com.my.