Company Profile PRESENTATION OF YSY MEDICAL Created in 1996, YSY MEDICAL company is specialized in the study, the manufacture and the market of muscular rehabilitation devices, more specifically in the fields of Biofeedback EMG acquisition, electro-stimulation, pulsed magnetic field and vibratory stimulation. YSY MEDICAL is leader in Biofeedback EMG acquisition, which makes reputation of products. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of low-noise signal, YSY MEDICAL is the undisputed market leader in the acquisition Biofeedback for over 15 years. Indeed, where a lot of competitors are coming up painfully accurate signal of a few microvolts (µV), YSY MEDICAL performs acquisition at 0.1 µV quietly. In addition, full control of amplification and signal generation, ensure in electrotherapy a perfect comfort for the patient. The different Biofeedback screens ensures the patient a perfect understanding of the signal displayed on the screen, regardless of the work involved. Answering the standards of quality and safety (Certified Compagny ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - Certified Products EC Mark & FDA, YSY MEDICAL ensures you a perfect control in the different stages of the design until the sale of its products. YSY MEDICAL has today a complete range of devices to make acquisition of physical parameters related to the operation of the muscles of the body (EMG, manometric, temperature), and also devices with electro-stimulation for therapy or aesthetic treatments. With its few partnerships, YSY Medical works with leading healthcare professionals in France and in the world to design its products and integrating programs and protocols for care and evaluation for each type of pathology (urogynaecology, urology, proctology, sexology, traumatology, rheumatology, sport, aesthetic, hemiplegy, vascular, somatosensory, etc...) Intended for a professional use, all the developed devices are very simple of use, evolutionary, ergonomic, powerful and known to be of a great reliability.