Company Profile Winform is a company that DESIGNES, MANUFACTURES and MARKETS medical devices and it's rooted in the Venietian area for over 20 years. Winform is a company specialized in the development of biomedical technologies and is part of a group of companies operating in the industrial and pharmacological field, with over 100 employees. Winform markets its products in 12 countries and three continents. Winform makes use of a high quality system and is certified ISO 9001:2008. Today Winform is a company of reference in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation with over 6,000 satisfied customers. Winform counts an installed base of approximately 40,000 electrostimulators, 1,000 laser power, 2,000 transdermal vehiculators, 8,000,000 of phyto complexes and 800 diathermies. All of this allows Winform to compete technically and economically in the present and future market, giving assurance of business to all its customers and collaborators. Winform is the first Italian company that organizes two university courses based on the methods of transdermal vehiculation with SIT, ENDOSIT and ENDOTHERAPY methods in collaboration with "UNIVERSITA' EUROPEA DI ROMA" (UER) in Rome both for the physiotherapic and dermatological areas. Winform RESEARCHING CENTER works with several universities and medical centers to refine the method of interaction with the organism among CHEMICAL - ENERGETIC - BIOMECHANICAL ambit, combining the principles of physics, biology and clinical medicine. Only in the recent past Winform has invested in the research over 1,000,000 euro. Some of Winform current partner in the research are: University "La Sapienza" in Rome, Dermatology Dept. Bologna University, Sport Medecine Dept. For the future, Winform guidelines are to increase the research in dermatology and orthopedic-rehabilitation, and the finalization of a 4 years cycle of studies and investments in urology and veterinary medicine.