Company Profile About us: WILD, the “most trusted” Partner for Development-Manufacturing-Service of opto-mechatronic systems und devices We develop and manufacture your products to the highest quality. WILD does not have a private label brand because we work exclusively for you, our customers. And we do that with enormous passion. Overtake your competitors, we can provide you with competitive advantages which will put you an important step ahead of your competitors: High-speed for your product development We will shorten your time to market – and the earlier you involve us in your development activities the better. From idea to market-ready product: We implement everything. Maximum precision in manufacturing We are proficient in complex processes and manufacture your products just as they should be. This is where we are unbeatable and have been for over 40 years. Competitive prices and cost reduction We take care of all the hardware and software. Resource-optimised and efficient. Your cost benefits will be impressive. A strategic partner for decades We will stand by you with complete conviction because we aim for longterm partnerships and we give everything to achieve this.. Complex systems from a single source We will handle the deployment, production, procurement, assembly and final testing of complex systems and units. Instead of working with 100 suppliers you will only be working with one – us! WILD – THE MOST TRUSTED COMPANY