Company Profile Dry water massage with Wellsystem Wellsystem GmbH is located in Windhagen, Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany and was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of JK-Holding GmbH. Wellsystem's HydroJet, which was developed and produced internally, was one of the first hydrojet massage beds on the German market. Since its introduction thousands of HydroJet massage beds have been installed world wide to a range of happy and satisfied customers. Since 2004, the next stage in the development of this unique medical and therapeutic concept has been made available in the form of Wellsystem Medical for the health market and Wellsystem Relax for the commercial market. At the beginning of November 2010, the market introduction of the devices Wellsystem Medical_Plus and Wellsystem Relax_Plus saw the enhancement of this successful concept with new functions. Relaxing in every sense: Since 2011 Wellsystem_Spa creates a world of relaxation using water, light, air, colour, aroma and sound for individual relaxation requiring a minimum of space. Wellsystem_Spa is the valuable addition for all Wellsystem products and enhances the recuperative effects of the dry water massage with its diverse range of programmes. At the same time, Wellsystem_Spa provides the proven advantages of all Wellsystem products: minimal space requirements and high operating convenience. All Wellsystem products for the medical and therapeutic market are certified by the European MDD , class IIa, and the American FDA . The marketing is carried out within Germany via our own sales organisation. Abroad, the products are sold via independent importers or distributers. Key activities of Wellsystem GmbH are the development and sales of high-quality products as well as the global marketing and support of concepts in the health and wellness segments. Our products are already being used in the following areas: Health Care: Hospitals and medical centres Massage centres Physicians Orthopaedist Therapists Osteopaths Dermatologist Universities Health centres Sports injury clinics Physiotherapists Commercial and leisure: Hotels Fitness clubs Beauty and cosmetics Beauty farms Holiday clubs Saunas Baths Wellness centres Banks and insurances Industrial companies Private households