Company Profile WELLMED – ENGINEERING PERFECTION MANUFACTURING EXCELENCE WELLMED-HOUSE OF CARE, PAR EXCELLENCE Wellmed’s state of art manufacturing facility caters to a capacity of 40 million units per annum. Equipped with semi and fully automated machinery, this facility adheres to strictest quality norms and strives for excellence in manufacturing. Wellmed ensures high reliability of products through in-house processing of raw materials-compounding of PVC, tube extrusion & injection molding using latest available microprocessor controlled machines, assembly in class 10,000 clean room, packaging in soft/hard blisters and SCADA controlled sterilization process validated under ISO 11135. A fully equipped in- house laboratory further facilitate quality monitoring. One of the hallmarks of Wellmed’s evolution as a major medical products supplier is the ongoing in- house research and development of proprietary equipment, tool design & development, manufacturing techniques and process management. This capability has enabled wellmed to emerge as an innovative manufacturer and to better satisfy customers and their challenging needs.