Warwick Sasco Ltd.

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Company Profile Warwick SASCo - Moulding the Future of Medical Plastics Warwick SASCo has enjoyed over 30 years success in supplying sterilizable polyware to hospitals, decontamination services, nursing and care sectors, dentists, chiropodists, veterinary clinics and custom pack manufacturers on a global scale. They are now recognised as the market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality medical polyware and their products have an unrivalled reputation for quality in over 65 countries around the world. Warwick SASCo iscertified to ISO9001 andISO13485 andtheir range of single-use and re-usablepolypropylene products are all registered as Class 1 Medical Devices. Theirproduct range includes: Instrument trays and transportation containers Silicone protection Gallipots andkidney dishes Lotion bowls andwashbowls Scopeand long instrument container Disinfection sets Urinal bottles and bedpans Drinking cups andbeakers Medicine measures and jugs