Company Profile ABOUT US W. Krömker GmbH is a specialist in medical technology – and has been since 1976. Early years: W. Krömker GmbH has been developing and producing state-of-the-art medical-technical products in Bückeburg near Hanover since 1976 – starting out with just three staff. The company bears the name of Wilfried Krömker, whose background was as a helicopter mechanic. His first developments included supporting arm systems. Rise and relocation: In 1990 the company was awarded its first large order for around 5,000 articulated arms. This was the start of its rise to become one of the leading companies in medical technology. In the same year the company moved to the Nordring in Brückeburg. Growth years: Since 1995 W. Krömker GmbH has been continually growing. New development and production sites were set up; the product range was constantly expanded: for example, electronic devices were added in 1997; in 2005 the company received an innovation award for its docking station. Handover: In 2012 Wilfried Krömker starts arranging for succession within the company, although not without setting the course for further growth first. We develop and manufacture a range of medical systems for you: from articulated arms and supporting systems through trolleys up to electronic components. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ wishes at the best quality and for fair prices. As an _x0004_OEM _x0005_(original equipment manufacturer) we can supply you with catalog products as well as developing custom solutions. We have over 40 employees in research, development, production and administration at your service.