VOXTUR BIO LTD. Voxtur Bio Ltd. is a FDA licensed, ISO 9001:2008, GMP and ISO-13485:2003 accredited company, possessing “state of the art” manufacturing facilities, producing Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Kits. Endeavored emphasis on in-house R & D had led Voxtur Bio in developing the most advanced & sophisticated technologies, for delivering high quality diagnostic testing solutions. The name “Voxtur” itself means growth that has been effectively synchronized with innovation, quality and affordability. Keeping the customer needs as prime goal and quality under constant vigil, Voxtur Bio has come up with distinctively enhanced IVD products to service its end users, distributors and manufacturers (on OEM) around the globe. Ensuring highest levels of sensitivity & specificity, each of its products is put through several stringent quality control protocols, that assists its end-users to deliver desired results. Diagnosis being a pre-requisite for undertaking any medical treatment, Voxtur Bio is committed for saving lives of millions around the globe; by ensuring timely, affordable, innovative and correct diagnosis.