Company Profile Vitro Group Vitro S.A. and Master Diagnóstica S.L, parts of Vitro Group , Spain, are well-recognized in the biotech. scenery due to their commitment to advancing the diagnostic field and the life-science research by developing and supplying innovative techniques, reagents, and software solutions. The areas covered by our products: pathology; molecular biology; cytometry; clinical chemistry; laboratory equipment; healthcare IT applications. • Vitro S.A. is one of the major distributors for life sciences in the Spanish markets with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Furthermore, Vitro develops its own line of software solutions for laboratories. Some of our software products include: o Vitropath: Leading solutions for pathology lab management. It is the “gold standard” anatomic pathology departmental application. The most complete, market proven integrated system for managing the entire workflow of the anatomic pathology, cytology or hematology laboratory. Web based solution and easy integration with IT systems (HL7, web Services) o VTS: Virtual Tracking System software for workflow management in pathology laboratories. Easily customized for all Citology, Biopsy, Molecular biology Workflows. Fully customized steps. Easy integration with IT systems and lab devices (HL7, web Services) o Bio-e-bank: Integral management solution for bio-banks. An scalable, flexible management solution with top data security, full traceability and process integrity targeting the emerging biobank / biorepository market. Web based solution and easy integration with IT systems and lab devices (HL7, web Services) o interQC: Delivering simplicity in the quality control management for the laboratory. Web based, real time QC/QA system; open, flexible application oriented for ISO 15189 accreditation. Director Rules, Automatic Data Capture (Comply with Law Profile), Graphs and Reports. Master Diagnóstica S.L. , develops and supply their own R&D-based IVD products with main focus on molecular diagnostics and immunohistochemistry. Taking advantage of the DNA Flow Technology, Master Diagnóstica present their wide range of molecular diagnostic assays to cover critical needs in anatomical pathology, microbiology, and oncology. Products such as HPV Direct Flow Chip , Sepsis Flow Chip, Bacterial CNS Flow Chip, Viral CNS Flow Chip, and Tick-borne Bacteria Flow Chip combine the advantages of simultaneous detection of large panels, simplicity, little time to results, and highly reliable technology. Here is a summary of the characteristics of each of the above products: • HPV Direct Flow Chip : Simultaneous detection of 36 HPV genotypes; Starting material: liquid-based, swabs, or paraffin-embedded specimens; No DNA extraction required; L1 consensus probe included; 4-hr detection system • Sepsis Flow Chip : Simultaneous detection of 40 pathogens and 20 antibiotic resistance genes (including Carbapenemases); Starting material: blood, blood culture, or rectal swabs; No DNA extraction required when starting from blood culture or rectal swabs; Patent protection; 4-hr detection system • Bacterial CNS Flow Chip : Simultaneous detection of a large panel of bacteria causing CNS infections; Starting material: CSF; No DNA extraction required; 3-hr detection system • Viral CNS Flow Chip : Simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA viruses causing CNS infections; Starting material: CSF; One reverse transcriptase–PCR mix; 3.5-hr detection system • Tick-borne Bacteria Flow Chip : Simultaneous detection of 7 tick-borne bacteria genera; Starting material: human, animal, or tick–samples; Patent protection; 4-hr detection system In addition to the above assays, here are some of our current R&D projects: • KRAS/NRAS/BRAF mutation Flow Chip • Mycobacteria Flow Chip (3 different assays) • Molecular Allergy Flow Chip • STD Flow Chip • Respiratory Flow Chip • Tropical diseases Flow Chip The protocol of the above assays consists of multiplex PCR and reverse dot-blot hybridization on macroarray chips. For the hybridization step, we present our hybriSpot platform with the two current models: • HybriSpot 24 : automatic robotic dispenser; 1 to 24 samples; sensor-detection system of liquids; barcode identification system; performs two separate techniques simultaneously; UV-light • HybriSpot 12 : semi-automatic instrument; 1 to 12 samples, very simple and highly reliable equipment Finally, to manage the samples, analyze the results, and finalize the report, the software hybriSoft is supplied along with any of the above instruments If you have any questions on the above products or if you are interested in distributing our assays in your country, please visit our stand at MEDICA to have a chat and answer your inquiries. Looking forward to meeting you soon!