VibraTrim LLC

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The first model that was produced was the VT100 as we wanted a machine that could be used by everyone regardless of their physical condition. We knew that the older generation could benefit greatly from the technology but that they would need something to hold onto while using the machine. The VT100 met that need with arms surrounding them on three sides. There are several on the market that look similar to ours but the quality of the components is not the same. Pin a side by side comparison it is easy to see a remarkable difference in the quality and the noise produced by each. The VT100 is a quiet machine.The second model was produced was the VT200. It was just the vibrating platform. There were no arms to hold onto but it was ideal for the person that wanted to place it in a family room without making it look like a gym. It was a very successful model. Through the conversations with our clients, we found that they wanted even more portability than this model provided. They wanted to move it from room to room, between residences or to easily store it in a closet. That model was redesigned and we released the VT202. With the new design, the extendable handles and wheels that goal was met. The VT202 provides an excellent quality machine with the ultimate in portability.The next model that was manufactured was the VT300. The goal was to combine the best of the VT100 and VT200 features and to make it for heavier people. This was a very popular model. Again, through customer comments, we found that the majority of people purchasing this model were not buying it for the weight capacity but were looking for a higher end machine. We went back to the drawing board to design the best machine with multiple vibrations and to be able to have user definable programs.