Venoscope, LLC has been the leader in utilizing LED technology for transillumination since 1989. It holds patents for its Venoscope pediatric and adult transilluminator as well as patents for its Neonatal Transilluminator, both utilizing LED technology. The Venoscope isproducts have FDA 510k premarket approval.Venoscope, LLC company and sales distribution offices are located in Lafayette, LA. Our friendly staff stands ready to answer any questions you may have as. We will conduct an In-Service over the phone if you desire to prove how easy it is to learn and use.The Venoscope was invented and patended in 1985 as a transilluminator designed to non-invasively locate and assess peripheral veins for IV therapy and blood draws. It has been upgraded three times and the current version, VT03, is the first to use patented LED technology. It's improved functionality, ease of use and reduced cost have resulted in thousands upon thousands of satisfied users world-wide.