VASA Applied Technologies Ltd. is a private Israeli company, established during 2009, which developed a unique method to accurately measure and analyze pulsating and low flow rates, such as breast milk secretion and urine excretion.

Our patented technology allows to perform real-time measurements and analyses of pulsating and low flow rates. This unique measuring system may be applied to various products and adress multiple needs, both in the medical industry, as well as additional industries.  

VASA's engineering team is constantly in pursuit of perfection in performance. Our cutting edge technology and wide diversity of potential products and applications ensures that our team is constantly working on new challenges and is kept up to date with the latest developments and best-practices in the industry. The quality of VASA's engineering team is as important as the quality of our products and we are proud of our engineering leaders, which include Electronics, Quality, Software and Mechanical engineers.  

As of August 2013, Molex Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems, entered into an investment and a strategic partnership agreement with VASA.  

​As of 2014, we are happy to announce that we have been certified by the British Standard Institute as an ISO13485 compliant organization.