Company Profile About us Van Straten Medical is developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative surgical products. Innovation has been the mission since its foundation. Our focus is on surgical products used in the OR, Sterilization department or in the dental clinic. Van Straten Medical, a family owned company, has been founded by Jaap van Straten in 1975 in the Netherlands. Van Straten Medical was the first company to introduce the completely closed wound drainage systems with a constant vacuum. Nowadays, Van Straten Medical is globally active with a broad product portfolio in more than 30 countries. The company has 5 divisions (Orthopedics, OR supplies, Oral Implantology, Export and Research & Development) and various subsidiairies as well as ownership in a production facility, named Medinorm, in Germany. 1975 Founded by Jaap van Straten. 1975 Van Straten Medical offers the first completely closed wound drainage systems with a constant vacuum. 1975 Van Straten Medical starts with the distribution of medical instruments from Lawton. Nowadays we are preferred supplier with Lawton instruments and have more than 48% market share in the Netherlands with surgical instruments. 1978 Van Straten Medical starts with the distribution of Zimmer orthopedic hip and knee implants. Zimmer took over distribution in 1984. 1980 Van Straten Medical introduces the first dental implants (Tübinger & IMZ) in The Netherlands. 1980 In the early 1980s, the export starts to various countries worldwide. 1984 Mr J. van Straten founds Medinorm. The production facility Medinorm Medizintechnik was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary for the production of wound drainage systems. 1984 Van Straten Medical starts representing DePuy orthopedics with its LCS knee and helps founding the Amsterdam LCS Learning Centre for global education. DePuy was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, which took over the distribution in 2000. 1986 Worldwide introduction of the LVS wound drainage system. This unique constant low vacuum systems has become one of the leading low vacuum drains in many countries. 1990 Van Straten Medical & Medinorm becomes world leader in constant vacuum with the drainage systems. Over a million systems are distributed each year through the logistical warehousing of Van Straten Medical in Nieuwegein. 1990 The organization establishes 5 divisions: Oral Implantology, OR Supplies/Endoscopy, Orthopedics, Export and Research & Development. 1999 Van Straten Medical starts the development of the DONOR autologous blood reinfusion system. An OR consumable for patient's own blood after orthopedic surgery. 2001 The CCI Evolution Total Ankle Replacement is developed together with Dr. H.C. Doets. 2002 The DONOR system receives FDA approval. 2002 The Netcare Group in South Africa endorses the DONOR system and is recognized as most preferred blood reinfusion system. 2003 The first CCI Evolution Total Ankle Replacement is implanted. 2005 LVS NG is developed and introduced into the market. The LVS NG is a new constant low vacuum wound drainage system, also available with silicone drain. 2009 Van Straten Medical starts a webshop for medical consumer products, 2009 Van Straten Medical successfully supplies a turn key project for OR necessaries, including OR tables, lamps & equipment - total hospital solutions. 2010 The 2nd Generation of instruments for the CCI Evolution is introduced in the market. 2010 Development of the WIMI Total Concept, a concept to increase patient safety and to help hospitals reduce their costs and inventory. 2010 Foundation of the Van Straten Medical Instrument Repair Center and Datamatrix laser service.