What do you call it when millions of people suffer from a serious, often debilitating condition, but only a tiny fraction of them are treated for it? At Valtech, we call it one thing: an opportunity to do better.

Millions of people suffer from valvular insufficiency – a serious, often life threatening condition – but only a tiny fraction of them are treated for it. Valtech Cardio specializes in innovative transcatheter heart valve technologies for patients suffering from valvular insufficiency. We’re pioneering a new generation of technologically advanced, clinically proven treatments that offer physicians and their patients safer and more effective alternatives to current valvular treatments. We’re currently focusing to create a future in which mitral regurgitation is a thing of the past. Our life-altering treatments will let patients do more of the things people who don’t suffer from mitral regurgitation (MR) often take for granted, like going for a walk with a grandchild or climbing a set of stairs.