Company Profile INTRODUCTION Meditex is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic and foot care products, based in Israel. Our brand –URIEL- is known for high quality, unique designs and extremely comfortable products. For more than 30 years, the brand URIEL has gained outstanding international reputation, enabling us to establish successful distribution networks in over 25 countries worldwide. We are a dynamic company with innovative product designs, expert manufacturing team and superior quality materials. Our product range includes more than 300 items supporting and pampering all body parts from head to toe: •Cervical Collars •Shoulder, and Arm braces •Back braces •Chest and Abdomen braces •Knee, thigh and Ankle braces •Insoles •Foot Silicone Supports •Foot Creams from the dead sea •First Aid bandages Many of our products are indorsed by health care insurance providers in many EU Countries due to the fact that they combine between excellent quality and very good value for money. We accompany our new customers to complete local registration requirements, to build the right basket of products, and to ensure a smooth buying experience all the way till complete delivery. Downloads: 2015 catalog.pdf