UNITED MEDICAL PARTNERS AG United Medical Partners AG was established at the beginning of 2001. The founders Jean-Luc Macheret and Adrian Joss having more than 20 years of experience in the medical field are running the company together. The business activities are focussed on the installation and the equipment of hospitals, doctors offices, dental offices and other areas in the medicine and para-medicine.

UMP is the own company in Switzerland mainly focussed on gynaecology and urology with a large assortment. Beside the investment products UMP offers a wide variety of consumables, presented in a large catalogue. UMP also offers servicing and training on products and has its own medical specialities manufactured and distributed worldwide by UMP. The company name clearly shows that many tasks are executed by partner companies partially integrated in the UMP-group or linked by contracts. More than 100 employees are working direct or indirect for UMP in Switzerland and in foreign countries.