leading manufacturer of Orthopedic, Spine, and maxillofacial We would like to introduce our-self as one of the leading manufacturer of Orthopedic, Trauma, Spine, and maxillofacial Implants and surgical instruments and General Surgery Instruments in India since 1980. Uma Surgicals is backed by well qualified engineers and manufacturing quality Implants and Instruments, which are well accepted through out India by many well known surgeons, hospitals, and private nursing homes and institutions, etc. We are proud to say that it is also an ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13485-2003 certified company confirming our quality management system and our products are CE certified. Manufacturing and exporting one of the most comprehensive product range, we endeavor to have an apt mix of functionality and efficiency in our products. Our premium instruments are designed, commissioned and manufactured in our own in house-manufacturing unit. The outstanding features of our Orthopaedic, spine & Maxillofacial products provide an upper edge over our competitors. Some of the special attributes are: Rigorous testing of raw material. All implants are Electro polished & passivated. Intact sharp cutting edge in spite of continual usage. Use of 316L high grade stainless steel, pure Titanium & Titanium Alloy for Implants. We aim to provide our customers with premium quality and professional service at competitive prices. Our company pays personal attention to each customer, who provides us encouragement to do further research and manufacture precision engineered instruments. The wide ranges of surgery based products we offer to our customers are, 1.Spine Implants & Instruments 2.Trauma Bone Plates & Screws 3.Auto Compression Lock-in Technique implants 4.Intra Medullary Nailing 5.Hemi Arthoplasty Implants 6.Maxillofacial Implants 7.External Fixators 8.General Orthopaedic & General Surgery Instruments Spine Products Uni-Lock Pedicular Screw Rod System Expandable Cages & Mesh Cages for Lumber, Thoracic and Cervical PLIF, TLIF Cages for Lumber Anterior Cervical locking Plate Occi-Fix Plate, Lateral Mass Screws Spinal Rectangular Ring with Sub Laminar Wiring Trauma Implants Bone Plates for large fragment – Buttress Plates Like Femoral Condylar, Upper end Tibia, Lateral Tibia, Cobra, Cloverleaf Plate, Condylar Blade Plate etc Bone Plates for small fragment – Lower End Radius, 1/3rd Tubular, Semi Tubular, Small T Plate, Reconstruction Plate, Calcaneal Plate etc. Bone Screws – 3.5mm Cortical, 4.5mm Cortical, 4.0m Cancellous , 6.5mm Cancellous & Cannulated Cancellous, Malleolar Screws etc. Richards Plating, DHS Plates, 95° DCS Plates Dynamic Compression Plating – DCP Small, Narrow, Broad, Low contact DCP (LCDCP) in various sizes Joint Replacement & Hip Fracture Products - Austin Moore Prosthesis, Thompson Prosthesis, Bi-Polar Prosthesis, Shoulder Prosthesis, Elbow Joint, Radial Head Prosthesis, Custom Made Prosthesis Intramedullary Nailing - Proximal Femoral Nailing (PFN), Trochantric Femoral Nailing (TFN), Lock-in Nail for Tibia, Femur, Supra Condylar Nail, Humerus Interlocking Nail, Titanium Elastic Nail, Telescopic Nail, Enders Nail, Kuntscher’s Nail (K-nail) for Femur, V-Nail for Tibia Pins and wires ACL Implants and instrumentation – Interference Screws, Endows Button, Suture Disc, Herbert Screws Cannulated etc. Maxillofacial Implants oMini Straight Plate continuous holes and with Gap oL-shape, T-Shape, Y-Shape, Double Y-shape, X-Shape, Z-Shape, Orbital plate, Curved Plate, Nasal Plate oTMJ condyalar plate, Chin Plate, Le Forte Plate, Reconstruction plate for Mandible oWire Mesh oMini Bone screws (1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm Dia.), IMF screw, Emergency screw. External Fixators Illizarov’s Ring Fixator Ortho-Fix type External fixators Limb Reconstruction System(LRS) External Fixator with 2 Blocks for Radius & Ulna lengthening Finger External Fixator. Dr. B. B. Joshi's "JESS" External Fixator. A.O Type Tubular External Fixator Aesculap Type External Fixator General Orthopaedic & Surgery Instruments 1) DHS Instrumentation, 2) Small Fragment Instruments Set, Large Fragment Instruments Set Instruments set for Dynamic Compression Plating including Drill Bits (S.S.) , Drill Sleeve with Slant Handle Single Ended, Bone Drill , Depth Gauge, Bone taps, Screw Drivers, 3) Plate Benders, Compression Device, Bending Templates, Drill Guide, Cannulated Drill Bits 4) Joint Replacement a.AMP, Bi-polar & Shoulder Replacement Instrument Set b.Total Hip Replacement Instruments c.Instruments for Bankart Procedure for Recurrent Anterior Dislocation of the Shoulder d.Instruments set for A.C.L. Operation & Staple e.Revision Total Hip Surgery Instruments 5)General Orthopaedic Instruments including a.Instruments set for 6.5mm, 4.0mm Cannulated Cancellous Screws, Herbert Screw b.Various types of Bone Holding Forceps, Periostome elevators, Retractors etc. c.Cutting Instruments including Bone cutters, nibblers, Osteotomes gouges, chisels, Wire Cutters, Wiring Instruments 6) Plastering Instruments