Company Profile ULTRA FOR MEDICAL PRODUCTS CO. Ultramed is a factory manufacturing different kind of medical disposables suchas : I.V. CANNULA, THREE WAY STOP COCK., STOP COCK WITH EXTENSION TUBE, I.V. INFUSION SET, FLOW REGULATOR, EXTENSION TUBE, MICRO DRIP I.V.SET, BURETTE SET, SUCTION CATHETER (Plain / Thumb Control), NASAL OXYGEN CANNULA, OXYGEN FACE MASK, GUEDEL AIRWAY, NELATON CATEHETER, URINE COLLECTION BAG (Adult / Pediatric), LATEX FOLLEY CATHETER (Latex / Silicon), RYLE'S TUBE, INFANT FEEDING TUBE, MUCUS EXTRACTOR, ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE (With / Without Cuff), BLOOD ADMINISTRATION SET, UMBILICAL CORD CLAMP, FISTULA NEEDLE, CLOSED WOUND SUCTION UNIT (Hemosuc),SURGICAL GLOVES. The factory is based in Egypt and is certified with the CE mark, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. ULTRAMED family is reaching now 400 members scattered among production, quality, marketing and sales teams. The total land space on which ULTRAMED is established on around 12,000 square meter. Our factory has already the honor to export to many countries such as Greece, Romania, Albania, KSA, Kuwait, Libya, Gambia, Sudan, Syria,Jordanand more. We are also eager to penetrate new markets likethe COMESA, MENA and Latin American markets which are very potential and promising markets in our field. We would like to invite you to visit our website to see our variety of products and it will be our honor to receive your inquiries on [email protected] . Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.