Company Profile Turkuaz Medikal Kozmetik TURKUAZ MEDICAL is one of the leading companies in medical field with its high-quality chemical products and its reasonable price policy since 2000. By its modern approach in R& D investments, management and professional staff it is continually growing in a dynamic way. Under the brand names of KONIX, KLY, GYNOTAL, KONICARE,BIODROPS, JOYDROPS ANDMEDISEPTICA; Turkuaz Medical successfully presents its various products such as X-Ray Film Bath Chemicals (Both Manuel and Automatic types of Developer and Fixer) , Ultrasound Gels, Cold & Hot Pack Gel, EEG Paste, E. C. G Gels, Sterile Ultrasound Gels, Personal Lubricant Gels, Antibacterial Hand Cleaning Gels, Disinfectants and Pharmaceutical products ( OTC ). Recently we have included new products in our product range such as Obstetric Gel, New Formula for Ultrasound Gel, Smear Biopsy Fixer Spray, Anti-Fog Solution, Mouth Care Set, Mouth Spray, Women Care Products ( Daily Disinfectant Solutions, Soap, Foam, Gel, Douchfor Women Genital Area, Nipplecon Sore & Cracked Cream, Bellycon Stretching & Renovating Skin Cream), Baby Care Products (Baby Light Oral Solution, Stop Colic Cream, Baby Diaper Cream, Baby Teeth Gel, Baby Enema and Child Enema Rectal Solutions, Nasal Spray for Baby and Child, Stoplice Shampoo, Spray and Cream,Refresh InhalerSpray) Hair Care Products ( Minoxidil Shampoo andSpray for women and men, Coal Tar Shampoo-Psoriasis and Severe Dandruff Shampoo, Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner for hair, Argan Oil Shower Gel, Personal Care Products ( Mouth Wash Solutions with different aroma, Antiperspirant Foot Spray, Treatment Cream For Burns, Skin Ulcer & Diabetic Foot, Burn Cream, Enema Saline Laxative Solution, Horse Chestnut Extract Cream, Adult Enema Rectal Solution, Antibacterial - Peeling - Nutrition Soap for face, Anti-Scrabies Cream, Foot Cream, Hand Cream, Sun Series), ENT Care Products ( Nasal Wash For Adult, Moisturising Nose Spray, Nasal Sprays, Relieves Cold Symptoms, Ear Cleansing Foam ) We have been exporting our products to more than100 countries all over the world which are being used in public and private hospitals, medical clinics, test & research laboratories. We control about% 85 of the local gel market. Turkuaz Medical manufactures its high quality products under ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485 quality systems and CE 1014, GMP. All of our products are dermatological tested and have CE mark. We have also FDA approval for Konix Ultrasound Gel, Konix Sterile Ultrasound Gel as well as Joydrops Lubricant Gel. In addition our customer oriented production is successfully capable of private labeling for both of our product range and similar sort of products. In addition we are the member of Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Turkish Medical Union.