Company Profile Our Company Truly Instrument Limited is a company which has been utilizing revolutionized technology in manufacturing toothbrushes since Sept. 2001. Our company is a fully owned subsidiary of Truly Group, which has been publicly traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for over a decade. (Stock code:0732) Aside from specializing in manufacturing our patented oral care products, we also pride ourselves in manufacturing electrical equipments for everyday needs. Products such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), MP3 Players, Calculators, motors, Blood Pressure Meter and Blood Glucose Meter. Each and every single one of our products undergoes intensive testing and quality assurance before leaving our 2.2 million square feet plant located in Shanwei City, located conveniently 2 hours away from Hong Kong/ China boarder. Furthermore, our factory standards not only meets ISO 9000, ISO 14001 requirements and ISO 13485, but often surpassing those standards. Such results are achievable due to our strict quality standards and by employing highly trained individuals in our self owned industrial complex. Glorious Past 1978 Founded in Hong Kong, Truly Group was a company conducting research, development, production marketing , electronics and semiconductors. 1986 Truly Group took the lead in moving its manufacturing site from Hong Kong to mainland, China, and invested to build the factory in Shan Wei City, Guang Dong Province. Additionally, during that time frame, China was still undeveloped and faced many uncertainties, but Truly Group still insisted on venturing into China, proving its willingness to endure risk for greater return. 1991 Truly Group ( Truly International Holdings Limited) succeeded to list its shares on the Stock Market Exchange of Hong Kong ( stock code is 0732). ‧ 1992 Truly Group invested more than 0.5 billion HK dollars to build the Truly Industrial City, which was the largest industrial manufacturing base in Shan Wei District. The total area at that time was 440,000 square meters. With unceasingly investment in the past 14 years, now the total area of the Industrial Area is up to 820,000 square meters. 1994 Truly Group listed its shares on the American stock exchange market as American.