Who We Are Trinseo is a world leader in the production of plastics, latex and rubber. A new kind of global materials company at the intersection of people, technology and customers. We are a new company built on seven decades of technology leadership. A company positioned to push the envelope for our customers and push great ideas as far as possible. Part of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") until 2010, our company was founded on a unique combination of strong capabilities - marketplace and technology leadership, world-class production assets and ingenuity. Our global reach and resources span a variety of disciplines, enabling us to serve a wide range of end-markets, including automotive, consumer electronics, large and portable appliances, glazing and sheet, paper and board coatings, packaging, tires, and carpet backing. Trinseo has developed long-standing customer relationships with well-known industry leaders in their respective markets, based on our know-how and passion to help them meet any challenge. Building on more than seven decades of manufacturing, commercial and technological expertise we are passionately focused on delivering high performance products and innovative thinking to our customers. We’re proud of where we’re from, but it’s where we’re going that excites us most. How We Help Our Customers Succeed Our track record is one of successful customer-driven innovations. Our customers do business with us because we help them solve their problems, enabling them to think bigger and invent better. Solutions like polycarbonates that diffuse light more efficiently, helping to reduce wattage and heat in LCD displays. Or high-performance rubber that reduces rolling resistance in tires without reducing traction, for a safer journey and better fuel economy. Even polycarbonate materials that allow medical instruments to be sterilized inside their packages, reducing risk of infection during surgery. How can we help you take your ideas to the next level?