It is always in our mind to be a reliable business partner of our associates both at home and worldwide. Keeping this in mind, we have oriented our business dealings. Fourth generation or you can say a century, we have been occupied with manufacturing of medical products especially surgical instruments of which we are catering the products for every specialty.

In this context, we are not only following tradition but also keeping a wide eye on technical progress so to have further developments in the surgical instruments manufacturing. Instruments are produced using the latest manufacturing techniques by highly motivated skilled workers and surgical product experts.

Our know how is not only limited to the instruments manufactured by us, but is also acclaimed by our customers for whom we manufacture as OEM products. All of this together clearly sets the stage to fulfill the ever growing demand of the challenging surgical market. The entrepreneurial challenge for us lies in the responsibility to harmonies the economic success of our business with the interests of our customers, suppliers and employees.


# 137, Fatima Jinnah Road Small Industrial Estate,
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