Trauwin Pte Limited

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About Us Trauwin Pte Ltd commits itself to bring in global advanced medical technical and related products, also perfecting the product portfolio in medical field for China's medical instrument companies. We further work together with medical technologists and help people to enjoy their beautiful lives in a positive way. At present, Our company has already invested on some products. One of main products is Collagen, which is a novel device made of homogenous human recombinant. It’s derived from bioengineered tobacco plants. As per its special nature, homogeneity of structure and its safety, it applies to orthopaedics and other human tissue repair. Collagen is also indicated for use in partial and full-thickness tunneled wounds such as diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers, surgical and traumatic wounds. This is the only one commercialized artificial collagen in China. Besides this, we have some other products, such as test series for Human blood group serology and tumor, dental, wound care material and so on. We are pursuing the excellence, closely caring about the demands of medical workers and assisting the medial institutions to work effectively. The aim is to help patients to be recovered. We also wish to make contribution to Chinese medical health care undertaking.