Traumec Tecnologia e Implantes Ortopedicos Import e Export Ltda.

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Established in 2007, Traumec is the happy result of a partnership of entrepreneurs with many years’ experience in high precision manufacturing. The aim of the company, from the beginning, was to use that experience to devise new and better products in the orthopedic field. Objective: Improvement of Quality of Life through Innovation This has been, and is, the overriding goal of the company. It means offering the consumer, the highest quality products to meet its expectation, and as consequence, a better quality of life.

Principles: Traumec is proud of
• Meeting all pertinent regulatory standards for its products.
• Abiding by Moral and Ethical values. Differentials:Traumec seeks always the best Human Resources for supporting and helping with the development of the products, like top surgeons (areas of Oral, Maxilofacial, Neuro, Trauma, etc.), as well as PhD’s in Engineering, especially in areas of Materials and Orthopedics.Technology Traumec employs the latest equipment available for the design, development and manufacturing of its products. All are run by skilled operators, engineers and technicians. Raw material is only purchased from well established suppliers and is subject to stringent inspections and analyses in reputable labs, prior to being processed at the plant. All Labs are fully traceable to the Brazilian Authority for Accreditation, Inmetro, under applicable local and international standards. All production processes are computer monitored, ensuring full traceability of the parts, from the raw material acceptance inspection to the final product, throughout the entire production cycle. Finally, the inspection and measurement equipment complete the care by which Traumec is known in manufacturing its products – last generation equipment make it certain that quality has been achieved during the whole process. Benefits
• Traumec products meet the regulatory standards for safety and performance set forth in both local and international regulations.
• The production process is based on the continuous improvement concept.
• Traumec keeps a healthy and intense relationship with the medical community, to better gauge the needs and demands from the people in the forefront of the profession. This has been instrumental in inspiring several improvements in existing products as well as new product ideas.