About Us Toxikon Europe provides comprehensive analytical services for all stages of product development, from concept to final product. Toxikon is a contract research organisation, FDA registered and ISO 17025 GLP GMP accredited, providing a complete suite of services for the qualification and registration of medical devices. Other capabilities are lot release testing, material characterization and extractable/leachable studies. Laboratories in Europe and USA. With nearly 40 years of experience inmedical device testing (including biocompatilbity, analytical chemistry, toxicology, microbiology,and risk assessment), we strive for operational excellence while continuing to implement thelatest techniques and methods in our laboratories. This is only possibledue to the intense scientific and regulatory collaborations we have forged with individuals bothinternal and external to Toxikon; including key opinion leaders (KOLs), subject matter experts(SMEs), and authorities on pertinent topics and guidelines. Our partnerships have providedToxikon with the broad vision necessary to navigate the complex and ever-evolving regulatorylandscape, not only for today, but also for the future. This allows us to focus on the customer. Wetake great consideration to propose only the necessary activities needed to successfully supportthe preclinical development of their product, ultimately mitigating risk accordingly and maximizing project efficiency. Downloads: Corporate Overview Corporate Overview.pdf Biocompatibility Assessment Overview Biocompatibility Assessment Overview.pdf