Company Profile TOP Corporation Established in 1940 to produce a single perfect syringe, TOP Corporation is today a leading manufacturer of medical devices that supplies a range of integrated products and systems to the global medical community. The export of our products to various countries in the world is increasing year by year, regarding to the increase of demand in Europe, Southeast Asia, and U.S.A. We have built a factory for disposable products in Taiwan on 1983, another factory, for disposable products in Malaysia on 1990 to harden the base of the product supply. The products produced by our factories are evaluated by the high quality, and are supplied to various countries in the world starting from Japan. In addition, we search for overseas superior products and introduce them to the domestic market positively and perform total overseas development. We have received certification for ISO 13485, established by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as the standard for the medical device sector. In addition, our factory in Malaysia, MEDITOP Corporation, has received ISO 14001 certification, and is promoting manufacturing systems that take into account environmental sustainability, such as the use of electron beam sterilization, a technology which is easy on the environment. Without letting up on our pace, we will strive to further increase the quality of our products and to contribute to the welfare and health of people throughout the world. As a general medical device manufacturer that thinks about the medical world of tomorrow, each day we will challenge ourselves to expand our horizons. The TOP in Quality With unwavering passion for the highest quality, We aim for compassionate medical care TOP Corporation