Company Profile About TKS Caster TKS Caster specializes in manufacturing the reliable and qualified castors in Taiwan. We supply a wide range of castors for many kinds of applicants, such as: medical equipments, high-tech and laboratory apparatuses, transport carts and trolleys, institutional equipments, furniture and others for professional fields. We make “QUALITY” and “INNOVATION” as our primary principles. Products are made by superior quality and well-processing. Particularly, our castors for medial equipments (hospital beds) which have been verified by our clients that its labor-free mobility, quiet reliability and durability are remarkable, which provides a safety and comfortable motion for patients. Our primary is satisfaction of our clients. Constantly developing new technical designs and maximize the value of products in order to offer the superior quality with more economical products. Products were developed by ourselves and own multinomial patents in Taiwan, USA and Germany…etc. Moreover, OEM products are also welcome. As a part of human society, we are gratified that our castor provides a safety, low environmental-pollution and clear environment for all later generations. Welcome to visit our website, please feel free to contact with us shall you have any inquiry. -Mile Stone- 1993 We successfully developed anti-static and electric conductive wheel. And its quality and performance has enjoyed a very reputation and trust by the famous Semiconductor foundries in Taiwan. For example, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited), UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation). 1998 We were honorably appointed to be a ODM supplier by CGMH (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital) which is one of famous and esteemed hospital in Taiwan. 2002 In order to cope with the bulky production demands. The entire production was transferred to another new factory building in Taipao City, Chia YiCounty which is in southern of Taiwan. 2003 Ton Kea Son Co., Ltd was established as international trade business foundation for worldwide market. 2005 New developments products (central locking castors, twin wheel castors and polyamide synthetic castors…etc) were enjoyed a very good reputation in 2005 MEDICA, Düsseldorf, Germany. 2006 A new office building and the facilities where in Taipao city will be finished. 2007 ISO9001 CERTIFICATE 2008 In order to have the best Quality service. The injection department was established to product the wheel. 2009 DIN EN 12531CERTIFICATE 2010 AS 1961.6-2004 CERTIFICATE Downloads: MEDICAL CASTER CATALOGUE MEDICAL CASTER CATALOGUE