Tohoku Electronic Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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Company Profile World’s most advanced Chemiluminescence Analyser Tohoku Electronic Industrial Co Ltd (TEI) manufacture the world’s most sensitive range of chemiluminescence analyzers. From their base in Miyagi, Japan, almost 500 instruments have been supplied to companies concerned with the stability of materials to oxidative degradation. Polymer & plastic processors looking to improve product quality, determine the cause of defects, or optimize all stages of their moulding processes, are increasingly making use of chemiluminescence as an invaluable monitoring tool. A key merit of TEI’s ultra-sensitive instrument is its ability to detect the very early stages of degradation. In Japan, the TEI instrument is widely used across the advanced material sector including medical plastics, elastomers, rubber, and the development of new materials and in the formulation of medical devices. Applications are well established for catheters, implants, tubing materials, films and tapes – and for determining drug stability. TEI will display their most advanced chemiluminescence instrument on their COMPAMED stand. They greatly look forward to welcoming visitors to explain the benefits the instrument can bring to medical materials & device components, the development of high performance polymer materials, production and quality control. Companies interested in assessing the merits of chemiluminescence analysis are warmly invited to submit their samples for test. Downloads: TEI Product Brochure 010915.pdf