TurkMIA (Turkish Medical Informatics Association) was founded in 1999 in Ankara. It is a civil organization open to all Turkish citizens, people who has work permit in Turkey. It has 600 members.

Aims of TurkMIA include:

  • to collect, process and distribute information about the activities related to health and medical informatics of companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations. 
  • to stimulate all the professionals related to health and medical informatics to reach the contemporary level of knowledge and skills, prepare the background for communication and interaction between the professionals in the field, promote multidisciplinary study. 
  • to determine the problems related to health and medical informatics domain in Turkey, suggest solutions to these problems, collaborate with other organizations to realize the projects, announce the results of the projects or applications. 
  • to enhance the knowledge of health care providers and demanders about health and medical informatics, organize meetings and publish materials to shape public opinion. 
  • to inform, sensitize and stimulate the decision making and administrating people and organizations about the issues related to medical informatics.