Time Medical System (TM) was founded in 2007 by Prof. Ma, and his leadership team, includes an international group of scientists, engineers, clinicians, healthcare executives and business leaders with expertise in finance, public policy and solutions marketing. With more than 200 published papers and 50 patents to their credit, the group owns a strong intellectual property portfolio that that includes IP transferred from Columbia University and the University of Hong Kong. 
TIME MEDICAL Systems is the first company to develop and deploy High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) coil technology for use with clinical MRI scanners. Already, HTS coil technology has proven effective at overcoming the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) limitations inherent in conventional copper RF coils. 
HTS Coil Technology provides a range of image quality benefits across routine and advanced clinical applications and can be applied usingall types of MRI scanners. In recent imaging studies using traditional MRI scanner at UCSD, the SNR from HTS coils improved by 200 - 300% compared with conventional copper RF coils. In view of this breakthrough, the HTS technology from TM was awarded the “Product Innovation of the Year” in medical imaging category by Frost and Sullivan in July 2010.