The Anaplastology Clinic’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with facial or body differences by providing highly realistic custom prostheses that improve our patients' functional capabilities and confidence.

Anaplastology is the art and science of providing custom-designed and fitted extraoral and non-weight bearing prostheses to individuals living with anatomical anomalies, such as congenital absence of a body part, amputation from trauma or loss from illness. Anaplastologists create and fit a variety of prosthetic devices, including prostheses for the face, upperand lower extremities, and breasts.  
The anaplastologist’s work is based on a clinical assessment and physician’s referral to support, modify, replace, protect, or restore an anatomical structure in the most realistic manner possible.  We collaborate closely with each patient’s rehabilitation team to ensure that our care meets the goals of the team and the patient.