Thai Centri ( 1995 ) Co.,Ltd. has been established since year 1995 by bought the know-how of latex tubing production from Centri AB in Sweden . The turn-key project had been moved totally to Thailand since year 1995 and later we had developed the process to suit our location and make quality products for the world market . ..........

The company has paid up capital register at USD 850,000.00 .In year 1999 , the company has developed new machine for making natural latex sheeting to meet the world market requirement . The natural latex sheet which is produced by our company has been well accepted by the world market same like our natural latex tubing . ......... Our natural latex tubing is mainly classified into four main sections which are ( A) Natural latex tubing for hospital and laboratory

( B) Natural Latex tubing for therapy ( C) Natural latex tubing for fitness and exercise ( D) Natural Latex connection for medical use . .......... For the natural latex sheet , it is mainly classified into three sections which are (a) Natural latex sheet for therapy and exercise (b) Natural latex sheet for medical use ( c) Natural latex sheet for dental dam .