Company Profile For the past 35 years, Tex Year has started from selling Japan adhesive to manufacturing hot melt adhesive with the environment protection concept is growing up. We always request ourselves to be the expert in bonding different interface. Besides, Tex Year also involves in heating device under the hot melt adhesive application to be the professional ODM manufacture in laminator. In past several years, we entered medical field with our heating technique and develop autoclaves. The new business filed means our serving people areincreasing and the multi-heating techniques are more mature. Tex Year is devoted to develop any products in our professional field and became the famous manufacture. Few decades before, environment protection is the priority to operate the business. From inside to outside, we make this concept not only the products but also overall business system. “Eco-friendly, Safe and Fast” is our promise to our customers. Satisfy our customer is our gold law. And onlyquicklyresponsecan make ourbusiness future. Tex Year business develops system Business filed: Globals Branch Office: China-(Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuxi) / Hong Kong / Vietnam Sales value (2011): 93.4 million Number of employees: more than 600 people