Company Profile About Us TensCare are brand leaders for TENS and electro therapy innovation and pain relief in the U.K. We manufacture and distribute electro therapy devices providing drug free pain relief via TENS for the long term treatment of chronic pain conditions and for the relief of the acute pain of child birth. We supply EMS for the rehabilitation of muscles particularly targeting pelvic floor exercises for incontinence management and rehabilitation of bladder weakness. We also offer a range of innovative TENS pain relief electrodes and accessories including belts, socks and gloves for diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and knee and lower back treatment.We have recently introduced a bed wetting alarm which is a NICE guide line therapy to train infants to awake at the sensations of a full bladder and so prevent night time bed wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis). We supply the UK National Health Service: Physiotherapy Departments, Continence Clinics, Maternity Units and Pain Clinics. TensCare also supply retail pharmacies such as Boots, Asda Wal Mart, Tesco Pharmacies, Lloyds Pharamacy, Superdrug and High Street retailers such as Mothercare. We are looking for international partners for distribution into Hospital Continence Clinics, Retail pharmacies, Physiotherapists and Pain Clinics and Hospital Maternity units. We have relevant certification, significant experience in private label and marketing adaptation to fit the market needs.