TELIC HISTORY Founded in 1982, TELIC, S.A.U. started out by introducing the first line of ECG electrodes. It was the starting point for the diversification within the disposable line. Ultimately, this became the product that most characterized our company. Almost 30 years later, the once 40 m2 facility has evolved into a 6000 m2 company that manufactures and distributes a wide selection of medical supplies to over 70 different countries. We may have begun our journey in the medical industry with disposable electrodes but, since then, we have increased our area of expertise and product offer, which now includes products from Hospitals, Physiotherapy , Pharmacy, Aesthetics and, most recently, Sports. We manufacture high quality, single use hospital goods. We use our own technology to develop and manufacture products which are destined to meet specific needs of differently specialized physicians and hospital professionals. From Vein Strippers to Hand Cream, we cater various aspects of patient care. A wide selection of products, each of which with variety of options, allows to our customers the luxury of choosing the product that is perfect for them.