Company Profile About us Telelift was found in 1964. We rank among the leading manufacturers of conveyor systems for transporting light goods in-house. Our services include system design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and training and project execution. Telelift offers complete supply chain management for hospital logistic solutions. UniCar Typical transport goods which can be conveyed with Telelift transport systems include blood and laboratory samples, sterile goods and medications. The safe and hygienically flawless transport of these goods is especially important, since it makes a decisive contribution to patient safety. Preventive hygiene - arguments for Telelift UniCar Whether blood or laboratory samples, sterile goods, medicines or IV bags, our specially designed transport containers ensure safe transport and meet the strict hygiene regulations in hospitals. With regard to function and design, basic transport processes are kept short. Locked boxes offer hygienic, safe transport from the delivery point to the destination with complete transportation documentation. UniCar Benefits - More time and patient safety Time savings due to direct connection of the departments24 hours standbyFaster availability of laboratory testsReduce manual transportReduce transportation errorIncreased safety in the workplaceEfficient material flow through automated and optimized transport systemreduction of turnaround times for surgical instrumentsContribute to quality assurancefulfillment of strict hygiene regulations