Milestones 1966 Gino Lenzi founds Tecnodent 1967 Market sales start 1973 Plant in Lizzano in Belvedere is open 1978 Linda chair is born in order to become a worldwide reference model because of its knee break seat suitable for the elderly and children 1979 Tecnodent starts moulding structural polyurethane. Flexible and integral PU follow soon, making Tecnodent a worldwide reference in this field 1982 Tecnodent is the first company producing seamless upholsteries 1988 The Medical Division takes its first steps with the ENT chair 1993 The first Podiatry chair is born 1994 Eco 19 chair is born.

It’s totally made in polyurethane CFC free 1997 Tecnodent get ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certification 1998 Tecnodent develops the Medical market with a customized gynaecological chair 1999 Pluto stool is born and quickly become an icon of design and advanced technology thanks to the innovative gel seat 2008 Tecnodent join Favero Health Projects Group 2009 First Surgical stools:

EGG O and Sting O 2010 Tecnodent starts to develop its own gynaecological chair 2013 Tecnodent develops the first memory foam moulded upholsteries without seams 2014 Launch of the new ERGO line stools Mission To conceive, study, design, and manufacture technically advanced dental and medical chairs, combining tradition and craftsmanship with innovation and technology in a system of excellence. Vision To provide patients with the greatest comfort in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and functionality, as well as aesthetic, tactile and visual pleasure, based on constant research and innovation. Values Integrity, respect for the environment and involving and enhancing human resources